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ǰ ÷εϰ μǾ 2 ȿ ߼۵ ̴.
Your item will be printed as the attached file and shipped within 2 days.
The following link is the sample order page.

÷ο ̴ ó as shown in the attachment.

翬 ϴ. It is absolutely possible.

ʿ DZ ٶ.
I hope this information helps you.

̵DZ ٶϴ. I hope this was helpful.

ּż մϴ. Thank you for choosing us.

׷ ϼ you can do so.

̻ǰ αⰡ ǰԴϴ.This item is one of our best selling items. 

--- ߰ϰ ͽϴ. I would also like to add 1/31/15

־ . thank you for your kind communications!

μϱ Ѱ Ȯ ֽϴ.
I want to make sure of one thing before proceeding printing. 

I am attaching a sample image. Please refer to this.
ߺ ÷մϴ. ּ.

츮 ǰ ּż մϴ.
Hi. Thank you for your interest in our items.
Thanks for being interested in our product ,

÷ε ϰ μ ǰص ǰڽϱ.
Would it be okay if it is printed as the proof and shipped?

ּż մϴ.
Hi. Thank you for your inquiry.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

ֹ Ǿ.
Your order was received successfully.

ʿ ʽϴ  No corrections needed

׷ ϰڽϴ. Yes, we can do that.

մϱ? Can you combine shipping?

ŷ ڴ.
I will buy more stuff from you in near future

̸ ּ.
can you put a gap in between 2015 and 22 Llys , this is because 22 Llys is part of the address

ʿ DZ ٶ.
I hope this information helps you.

The rest of the information is as follows.

ֹϽ , ּ.
Refer this when you place an order.

2016 ½ϱ? Ȯ ٶϴ.
I have one thing to make sure. Can you confirm if it is 2016.

ʿ ڸ ϰ ʹ. I want to give you some advice.

̰ Ȯ ̴. This is the best way.

, zip code 10573Դϴ. Yes the zip code is 10573.

Ѻκ̾ մϴ.  Les" should be part of the paragraph.

̿ ְ ʹ. We want to help you whit this.

 We can absolutely do that!

Ʒ ּ.
Please see an example below.

翬 ׷ ϰڽϴ.
We can absolutely do that.

, մϴ. Yes, we can do it.

ٽ õ ٶϴ. please give it one more try.

˰ڽϴ. ׷ Ͱ Ȱ μؼ ϰڽϴ. 
Okay. We will print as the last order and ship it to you.

׷ ϰڽϴ. I will do so shortly.

̸Ϸ ´. ޾ҳ?
I sent you the shipping information to email. Have you received?

˰ٽϴ. Okay I understand,

ƽ 츮 𸨴ϴ.
Unfortunately, we also do not have any idea about it.

ּ. Please ignore the previous proof.

÷ε ϴ μϿ ǰϰڴ.
Your item will be printed as the file you have submitted,

ڴ. I hope you like it.

޽ ּ. And message me for any inquiries.

Ϸϴ ´. I've sent a picture I would like to use.

ٽ ȮκŹմϴ. Please check again.

̿ Ͻʴϱ? Do you agree with this?

Lot 3

ذ ȴ. I totally understand your situation.

Ͻð ֹٶϴ. Please consider and place the order. 

 ϴ ī ȣ ˷ ּ.
Let me know the card number you would like.

μǾ ߼ ̴.
It is printed as the proof and will be shipped today.

, ½ϴ. Yes, you are right.

Tracking Information ÷մϴ. Here is your tracking information.

̹ μⰡ Ǿ Iϴ. If they have already been printed its not a problem.

̺̿ ֹ ּ. Please place the order on Ebay.

Ѱ ˷ 帱 ֽϴ. There is one more thing to inform you.

Shipping information ÷մϴ. Shipping information is attached.

˰ڽϴ. Yes, we have got it.  
½ϴ. Yes you are right.

Ѵ. 츮 ϰ ̰Ϳ ϰڴ. ٽѹ .
Thank you for your advice.
We will consider your comment and discuss about it.
Thank you once again

ǿ ñ ٽ ٶϴ. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us again.

ñ 츮 ϼ. If there is any question, please do not hesitate to contact us / ̵DZ ٶϴ. I hope this was helpful.

ֹϽôµ Ͻñ ٶϴ. Please refer this when placing your order.

ֹϽôµ ּ. Please keep that in mind when you place an order.

Best Regards,
ItsInvitation / Grape card

ٽ Ǿ ޴ϴ. I am glad to hear back from you. / Ǿ ݰϴ. I am glad to hear from you.

ٽ ּż մϴ.  Thank you for contacting us again.

ñ ּ. Please let me know if you have other inquiries.

ø δ ּ. Feel free to contact me, at anytime, if you have any questions

ûø ־. Please let us know if you receive the invitations.

ǰ ̹ ְ޾Ҵ. We have already corresponded about this product.

γ ٽ ѹ 縦 帮, ȥ Ѵ. Thank you again for your patience and congratulations on your wedding.

༭ . Thank you for your understanding.

մϴ. Great and Thank you. / γ Ѵ. thanks so much for your patience!

ּż մϴ.
Thank you for your understanding. / մϴ. I really appreciate it.

ο մϴ. Thank you for the final approval. /  ޽ մϴ. Hi, Thank you for your message.

   Ѵ.  I appreciate your timely response.     亯 帳ϴ.  Thank you for your prompt response. 

Ͻôµ Ͻñ ٶϴ. Please check this. / ּ. Please refer to it.

ϴµ DZ ٶϴ. I hope it helps you processing the order. ּ. Please refer (to ).

ֹϴµ ̵DZ ٶ. I hope it helps you processing the order. / ̵DZ ٶ. I hope it helps.

ʿ DZ ٶ. I hope this information helps you.

ð ð Ѳ ֹϽñ⸦ ص帳ϴ. I recommend ordering at the same time.
ûø ٴ 츮 ڴ. we are very pleased that you like our invitations.

Congrats on your wedding!                   
wish you are happy everyday in married life.                    
"I wish you the best of happiness in the years to come."                    

λ ູϱ⸦ ٶ. sincerely wish both of you to live happily ever after until death do you part.

Many Many Congratulations WEDDING on your wedding! 

May your grow sweeter by the day 

We wish you all the luck for your spectacular day! Love to hear that your so happy and I was more than happy working with you :)