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+1, +2, +3 Cards are any additional insert cards other than the RSVP cards. This can be Details cards, Accommodation cards, Thank you Cards, Save the Date, or whatever you would like to customize it into.

Thank you for your inquiry, please let me know if you are wanting to get the invite+RSVP or Invite+RSVP+1Card (details)

Menu card 들어갈 내용을 보내주세요. Proof 가능한 빨리 제공하겠습니다.
We are currently working on sending the proof, all we need is the things you would like to put on the menu card.

Proof에는 Invite + RSVP + Details 있습니다. 그러나 당신은 Invite + RSVP 주문하셨습니다. Details cards 필요하지 않습니까?
Details cards
필요하시면 아래 링크에서 80 Details 에드해 주세요. Details cards 필요 없으시면 필요 없다고 답변주세요
I just wanted to make sure I was following, you’ve ordered Invite +RSVP but the proof that I have sent you has Invite +RSVP +Detail cards. If you need the detail cards I’ve provided a link below and you can just add 80 detail cards, if you do not need a detail card please let me know!

If you choose 'Invite+RSVP', we will replace the RSVP with Details cards, so you will receive 50 invitation cards and 50 Details cards.

양면인쇄를 위해서는 에디셔널 챠지가 있습니다. 주문하실 때 커스텀리스팅을 하겠습니다.
If you would like to order an invite that’s double sided it would have extra charge just let me know which type you would like to order and we would make a custom listing for you

밸리밴드가 필요하시면 알려주세요. 푸르프를 다시 보내겠습니다. 밸리밴드를 추가하시면 추가금이 발생합니다. 가격은 주문 옵션에서 확인하시기 바랍니다.
Please let me know if you need belly bands.
We will send you a proof again shortly. There will be an additional cost when belly bands are added.
Price can be checked when placing your order.