Its Invitation

  Its Invitation has been launched in 2007.

  We use high-quality graphic paper pro-
  duced in  France, Italia, UK, USA, Jap-
  an and S,Korea.  

  Our company proudly uses Letterpress,
  Digital, Offset and Foil as our printing
  methods. We pride ourselves on offering
  exclusive and unique  designs designed
  by professional designers.

  Customer satisfaction is our priority.
  Giving our customers chance to per-
  sonalize and preview invitations before
  ordering is important to us.

  We are very happy to help our custo-   mers to put their own thoughts and
  beliefs to our invitations.











 Upgrade and Differentiate
 Your Wedding Invites With Us

  Its Invitation is cooperating with numbers of wedding stationary maker   companies all over the world to ensure that our customers can get the   chance to meet the highest quality wedding stationary in the world.
  We are committed to ensuring that our customers have all the information   and support needed to help picking the perfect design. Upgrade and diff-   erentiate your wedding invites with us.

  We help our customers to fit their personalized wordings, information,   graphics  or images to   our  beautifully designed invitations.
  Its Invitation is always faithful that customer satisfaction is the priority in
  our mind.

  Most successful publications include a mix of content types to satisfy a   wide range of tastes.   
  Consider putting your most serious content on the front page, and your   lighter content inside.

  It¡¯s called a story for a reason

  I want our company¡¯s customers to make their wedding days one of the
  best days in their life time and experience the greatest customer satisfac-
  tion with us.