Easy Returns

Returns and Complain

You can complain in a week you receive the product (before insertion into envelopes). ITSINVITATIONs responsible price is under your order price. You can complain when

   Your received product is different from your printing information.
   You received a different product.
   Part of your order is not shipped (ex. Envelopes, less quantity).

You cannot complain for

   Low printing quality caused by your uploaded low-resolution photos or graphics (minimum of 300 dpi).
   Your typing error.

You understand that the service may be temporarily unavailable from time to time. ITSINVITATION does not endorse,

guarantee, represent or warrant products, content, advertisements, or any member content on the service.

Considering the difference of lighting and the display of monitor, the color you see from computer may be kind of different from   that of the item you received.
  You can not complain about this. The actual color should be the color of item you received.

Easy Returns

If you have concerns about your order, please contact a Customer Service Representative email us at service@ITSINVITATION.com to receive instructions on returns or replacement of your order.
We accept returned product in its original condition within 14 days.