How to Request Free Samples

 Free 10 samples of every Invitations to every customers who has signed up.
(Shipping fee USD 12.59)

You may check out the design, color, and paper quality of invitations directly before you actually order.
(we do not print personal stuffs on sample cards. sample cards will be delivered randomly between printed ones and not printed ones.)
It does not include any envelopes or stickers but just cards.

Ordering samples is quick and simple with these steps!

Step1  Find an invitations you want to get as samples

Step2  Click ˇ°Order Sampleˇ± as found at the bottom of the product detail page.


Step3  Your sample will be automatically added to your sample cart (maximum of 10).

Step4  Enter your shipping information and check it out.

Step5  Enjoy your samples in 2 to 12 days!

Shipping price is USD 12.59 to everywhere in North America.

This Promotion is available by member of ITSINVITATION only.